BH Cosmetics

Hey guys! So I recently purchased a popular palette from BH Cosmetics. The Take Me Back To Brazil palette has 35 colorful shadows that are great for any bright look! It has every shadow you need for the transition shade, crease, and lid! It is only $16.99 but BH Cosmetics usually has sales so keep an eye out for them. I was able to get this palette for about $11.


So now onto my review about this palette! I actually was really impressed with it, but I’m always impressed with their palettes because they are super affordable and have great quality. The shadows blend really well, and the pigmentation is amazing as well. If anything, I like it more than the Morphe 35b palette. There is no kickback when I dip my brush into the shadows or any fallout when I apply the shadows to my eyes. It’s really worth the money. I do highly recommend this to anyone who loves colorful looks and needs a starter palette. Below I will post a look that I was able to create with it.


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If you have any questions about this palette or want to share your thoughts on it, make sure to leave a comment!

21 thoughts on “BH Cosmetics

  1. beautybymissminny says:

    Hi hun,
    I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Award and you can learn more about the award in my lastest blog post. I hope you will participate and join in on the fun.


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