Affordable Pressed Glitters (Solana Luxe)

Hey guys! If you’re looking for affordable pressed glitters check out @SolanaLuxe on twitter! They are a vegan and cruelty free brand on Etsy.

About Solana Luxe: Solana Luxe was created by 17 year old Lyndsey Swinderman, with the determination to always be 100% vegan, cruelty free & inclusive to all! Handmade with love in sunny Orlando, Florida; each product is hand-crafted & made to order. All orders are packaged neatly to prevent damage during shipment and transit.

They have many different shades of glitter and are always coming out with new ones!  The glitters are cosmetic grade and are best applied with your finger, in my opinion.

I was honestly impressed with the quality of the glitters! I think from now on I will stick to their glitters instead of purchasing loose glitters as they tend to get everywhere and happens to be messy. I swatched these glitters on my arm and they did not move and when I washed my arm it all went down the drain as one! Didn’t get anywhere else, and was simple to remove.


The packaging I received it in was also super cute! I got mine in a flower/floral print slip and my glitters were wrapped in tissue paper with a thank you sticker attached. I also received a lollipop and some stickers since I ordered mine right before Valentines Day!


These were the four glitters I purchased. I love all of these shades!

The top left is Megara, which has a pink-red mica pigment base which I love because it helps with the coverage on the lid and rose gold glitter. This one is a lot more finer and softer than the other glitters, but is still very beautiful.

The top right is Novacane which is a true blue-teal glitter with icy reflects.

The bottom left is Icy Girl which is a silver based blue glitter.

And the bottom right is Glitch which has different shifts of blue, green, yellow, purples, and pinks. I love this one and it gives me mermaid vibes!

I highly recommend you check them out. All the glitters are $4.20 and they also have some loose chunky body glitter.

You can also use my code FRBEAUTY10 to get a 10% discount! It helps a lot even though these glitters are already a good deal.

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